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Profile – Grigoryan brothers

Since their first acclaimed Australian national tour in 2002, the Grigoryan brothers performances have astounded audiences world-wide. In this time they have released three duo albums, completed three Australian national tours and several international tours through Europe, USA, UK, Asia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

They have performed with symphony orchestras and at international festivals in Australia and Europe. Although regarded as Australia’s finest classical guitar duo performing much of the standard guitar repertoire, their passion is to expand this repertoire through new arrangements, their own compositions and commissions from contemporary composers.  As a result the Grigoryan brothers’ performances include forays into genres including Latin, jazz, folk & contemporary music.

Leonard & Slava Grigoryan

Fueling this diversity is the brothers’ joy of improvisation, which, when combined with their technical virtuosity adds a new and exciting dimension to concerts.  This is evinced not only in their own concerts, but other projects in which they are involved: Slava & Leonard are one half of ‘Band of Brothers’, along with Joseph (oud) and James (req) Tawadros. This quartet’s repertoire crosses cultural and stylistic barriers, from world music, to jazz, classical and traditional. Slava is also a member of the guitar trio MGT which includes two giants of the jazz world, Wolfgang Muthspiel & Ralph Towner, while Leonard is composer and performer in the Australian contemporary jazz ensemble FGHR.  A reflection of the respect held for Slava has led to his appointment as Artistic Director of The Adelaide International Guitar Festival for 2009 & 2010. It is this capacity to step outside the norm whilst never compromising their musical integrity, nor the integrity of the music, which has earned them a large and devoted following.