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Despite being “down under” Australia hosts international stars of the classical guitar each year. The biggest events are often the guitar festivals around the country.

Festival Links

Melbourne International Guitar Festival

A new, annual festival held at Melbourne University in September each year. Began in 2015 and has since grown to be the largest annual classical guitar festival and competition in the Southern Hemisphere! Substantial competition prizes for beginner through to professional level, and a weekend of concerts, masterclasses and good vibes! Run by Michael MacManus and Evan Hopkins as part of the Melbourne Guitar Foundation.

Brisbane International Guitar Festival

Began in 2016 and run by Mervyn Langford from Magda Community Artz, this annual festival runs a week after the Melbourne International Guitar Festival and features some of the performing artists from the Melbourne International Guitar Festival plus other great talent!

Adelaide International Guitar Festival

This bi-annual festival is one of the biggest landmarks on Australia’s guitar calendar… next one is in August 2016.

Canberra International Music Festival

An annual ten-day festival usually held in May, includes a vast array of music and musicians from around the world.  The guitar will feature prominently in the 2016 Canberra International Music Festival.

Darwin International Guitar Festival

The most famous former-guitar festival (now in hibernation) in Australia, the Darwin festival has won its fame from bringing a diverse range of the worlds best artists and offering a unique atmosphere…

Sydney Classical Guitar Summer School

Sydney’s annual January Summer School has brought out world class teachers such as Denis Azabagic, Pavel Steidl, Craig Ogden and Carlos Bonell…

Macdonalds performing arts challenge

More of a series of competitions than a festival, the performing arts challenge has been a launching pad for a multitude of young Australian guitarists….

National Folk Festival

Neither guitar- nor classically-focussed, this five-day festival runs during the Easter weekend in Canberra each year, bringing a variety of talent – musical, dance and a bewildering array of “bush” life…